Broadway Bridge KCMO

Opened 1956

Crossing the Missouri River

Route 169, toll bridge until 1991

Replaced "Second Hannibal" to its east which handled trains and cars

"Through Arch Bridge"

Cost: $12 million

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

Brick Built: 1857
Founded: 1835
416 W 12th St KCMO

The Diocese of KC established by Pope Leo XIII in 1880

First Mass 1883 which stood 250 ft tall, making it the tallest building in KC at the time

Stained Glass windows were installed in 1912 designed by local artists

Arrowhead Stadium

1 Arrowhead Dr
Opened: 1972

"Jumbo Stadium" 

4th largest in seating capacity in the NFL

The two stadiums side-by-side was the first of its kind

Originally designed for a rolling roof between the two stadiums

Arrowhead Bomber 58

Chiefs defeated the St. Louis Cardinals in its first home game in 1972

Jan. 20, 1974 Arrowhead hosted the Pro Bowl

1984 they thought of a fabric dome concept which was later thought to be unnecessary and would cost too much to construct

Chiefs and Checkers

Where's Pops?

Opened: August 12, 1972

AstroTurf until 1993

Part of Truman Sports Complex together with Kauffman Stadium

"Home of the Chiefs"
Loew's Midland Theater

Built: 1926
Architect: Lamb,Thomas W.; Mlinar,Emil
 National Register of Historic Places
1228 Main St KCMO 

Home of the Robert-Morgan theatre pipe organ used until after WWII, then was replaced with larger screens and sound.

The organ was purchased in the 60's, moved to several locations across the country until purchased by local enthusiasts in 1984 and placed into the Kansas City Music Hall.

Was a movie house until 1981.  In 2008 it reopened as an entertainment venue.

Owned by Marcus Loew born 1870 who formed Loews Theatres and later MGM

Marcus has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame because of his work in the movie industry.

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Opened: 1933

Four Shuttlecocks are in the Sculpture Park surrounding the grounds of the museum

Shuttlecocks created by Claes Oldenburg and Cooseje van Bruggen

Homes the largest collection of public works from Thomas Hart  Benton from Kansas City
Zack Greinke

Cy Young Winner 2009

Justin's Favorite Player until 2011

Greinke's first MLB hit, was a homerun off Russ Ortiz of the Diamondbacks in 2005

Throws a 50 MPH Curveball

Born as Donald Greinke

Changed positions late in his high school career to pitcher to then become the National Player of the Year his senior year.

Selected in the first round for the 2002 draft

Ewing M. Kauffman Stadium

"The K wears sunglasses at Night"

Opened 1973

6th Oldest MLB stadium

Only American League stadium named after a person, former owner Ewing Kauffman

Ewing born in Garden City, MO and grew up in Kansas City, MO

Heart ailment at age 11 kept him indoors for a year, he read up to 40 books a month

George Brett Drive

One Royal Way KCMO
Max Capacity: 40,230
Center Field 410 ft
Architect: Kivett and Meyers

AstroTurf until 1994, now Bluegrass and Rye

Nicknamed "The K", formly "Royals Stadium"

​April 10, 1973 Royals won their first game at the new stadium against the Texas Rangers

Nolan Ryan pitched his first no-hitter in 1973 on this field

Zubaz Arrowhead

Zubaz created in 1988 for weightlifting by two bodybuilders

Sold $100 million of product in 1991

Zubaz are known to be bright, flashly, and awesome

They made AFL jerseys in the early 90's which were soon replaced because they were too "outlandish"

1996 the company went bankrupt to then sell the rights in 2007 to begin production once again

KSU Huddle

Paul D Hubbard 1892 invented the circular huddle.  Paul played for a school intended for the hard of hearing, which used hand signals before the huddle.  This was a problem when playing schools that could read the hand signals.

Huddle is used to prevent the other team from hearing the plays and deflect crowd noise

Typewriter formation was created at Florida State in the 1950's.  Used so the person can make sure everyone in the huddle is listening to the instructions.  You can have more players in this type of huddle, although the other team may be able to read lips and hand signals.

Allen Fieldhouse

Named after Dr. Forrest C "Phog" Allen

James Naismith Court named after KU's first coach from 1898 to 1907

After completion in 1955 they won their first game against Kansas State 

Architect: Charles L Marshall

Record attendance 17,288

Banner "Pay Heed, All Who Enter: Beware of the Phog".  Banner originally made from shower curtains.  Saying inspired by "The Fog" 1980's horror film.  
KU Memorial Campanile

Fight Song

"Talk about the Sooners, Cowboys and the Bears,
Aggies and the Tiger and his tail.
Talk about the Wildcats, and the Cyclone boys,
But I'm the bird to make 'em weep and wail.

Cause I'm a Jay, Jay Jay, Jay, Jayhawk,
Up at Lawrence on the Kaw - 
Cause I'm a Jay, Jay, Jay, Jay, Jayhawk,
With a sis-boom, hip hoorah,
Got a bill that's big enough

To twist a Tiger's tail,
Rope some Horns and listen
To the Red Raiders wail - 
Cause I'm a Jay, Jay, Jay, Jay, Jayhawk,
Riding on a Kansas gale."

(Not sure if it's the Aggies anymore, probably the Frogs.  Frogs that are horned.)

Liberal Bee Jay's

Check out their website at beejays.net Alumni include:

Ian Kinsler- Texas Rangers
Hunter Pence- Philadelphia Phillies
Rich Harden- Oakland Athletics
Eric Sogard- Oakland Athletics
Kelly Shoppach- Boston Red Sox
Koyie Hill- St. Louis Cardinals
Scott Hairston- New York Mets
Robert Ray- Miami Marlins

KU 'Basket'ball

James Naismith is the only KU coach to have a losing record

Every coach since the NCAA tournament has been in a final four

 Over 2,000 wins

Common opponents for Naismith were Haskell Institute and William Jewell College

Naismith published the 13 rules of basket ball in 1891.  There was no dribbling, dunking, three-pointers, shot clock, and goal-tending was legal. 

Bo Knows

Vincent Edward "Bo" Jackson

Only Athlete to be named an Allstar in two major American Sports

Played for the Memphis Chicks before being called up by the Kansas City Royals

4 seasons hitting at least 20 HR's

1 season hitting at least 30 HR's

1989 Allstar game MVP

Born: May 10, 1990

From:  Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela

Full Name: Salvador Johan Pérez Diaz

Signed with Royals when he was 16 years old

August 29, 2011 first Major League homerun against the Detroit Tigers, Max Scherzer

Wears women's perfume during games, 212 VIP cologne by Carolina Herrera and Victoria's Secret

Can be found eating frequency on Southwest Blvd