Growing up in the City of Fountains, I have always cherished the vibrant architecture and positive energy of Kansas City. My childhood was filled with piecing together model cars and building elaborate Lego sets, sparking my early interest in design and construction. Art classes captivated me, particularly those that delved into the history of architecture. This passion led me to pursue a college career in architecture, where I found the evolution of architectural styles and the deep connections between art, religion, and structural design around the world fascinating.

After graduating, I invested in a property downtown and sought to fill it with artwork that celebrated Kansas City. Despite finding some stunning pieces, they often exceeded my budget and didn’t fully capture the vibrant, colorful vision I had in mind. Determined to create something unique, I bought some canvas and began painting my own creations.

As I hung my artwork, friends began to notice and compliment my work. Soon, I began receiving requests to create pieces for my friends, followed by their acquaintances, and eventually commissioned pieces outside of my network. Painting became a true passion, and the positive feedback from others only fueled my enthusiasm.

Painting allows me to express my love for the city and its dynamic culture, and I am grateful for the opportunity to share my creations with others who appreciate the same vibrant spirit.

I chose the name KansasCityHues to represent the city I have grown accustomed to and love. Renowned worldwide for its blues, I felt that "hues" perfectly captured the vibrant colors I use in my work, while also subtly nodding to Kansas City's rich musical tradition.

If you made it this far, I greatly appreciate you taking the time to read this page and coming to view my work.  I will now let you in on a little secret... I incorporate the number 311 into each piece reminding everyone, and myself, to "stay positive and love your life."

- Jacob Luke

Email: jacobbluke@hotmail.com
Instagram @kansascityhues
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