Jacob Luke - KansasCityHues Artist

About the Artist

Getting Started
Growing up in the City of Fountains I have 
always enjoyed the architecture and good
 vibes of Kansas City.  I grew up piecing 
together model cars and building Lego 

I always enjoyed art courses and
 learning about the history of 
architecture.  This led me to 
begin my college 
career in the school of 
architecture.  To me it was
 interesting to learn about the 
evolution of architecture and 
how art and religion were so 
closely linked to the creation of
 past and present structures seen 
around the world.   

After graduating and investing in a property downtown I was looking to purchase artwork that featured Kansas City to display in my new place.  I found some really spectacular pieces but they
 were typically outside what I was wanting to spend on them.  I also had an idea of what I wanted them to look like, which was bright and overwhelming with color.  So I bought some canvas and started my own creations.  

I created a few pieces for my place and friends began to notice.  I was 
getting requests to create works for them, then requests from friends of friends, and then random requests.  

Painting is something I truly enjoy doing and people seem to enjoy my work.  My work has been featured in several shows in the Kansas City area.

Contact Me
If you are interested in a piece of artwork or have any questions/comments shoot me an email at jacobbluke@hotmail.com.  I can recreate any of these and can create something specific to your liking, let me know.

Sizes / Pricing
Standard canvas measured 24" by 48" or square canvas 30" by 40" sell for $600.00
I can do them larger or smaller, pricing varies on size and customization.  Some of the painting on the website are available for purchase at discount.  Please email me on any for a quote.  

Extra Notes
I picked the name KansasCityHues to represent obviously the city I have 
grown accustom to.  Renowned worldwide for its blues, I thought Hues could represent the vivid colors I use while sounding eerily close to a Kansas City tradition.

​Extra Extras
If you see any typos it's because there is no spell check in this program
 and I may have just misspelt "typos",, and/or just misspelt, "misspelt".

(painting to the right)

Aqueous Transmission

This painting was an inspiration from the Aqueous Transmission's track from the album Morning View by Incubus.

Some of the Asian symbols meanings include: Love, Peace, Mother, Tranquility, Clarity

Guardian Angel

Symbolizes the diminishing of evil by the overwhelming power of good.

Some see the women as a mermaid, which is okay too.
I'm scared of Bears.
It's cool, I'm with the band.
Thinking of Trains.