One Kansas City Place

1200 Main Street KCMO
Built: 1988
Floors: 42 / 651 ft 
PBNI Architects

Tallest Building in Kansas City

Glows red, white, and blue lights at it's top although these colors change for Chiefs, Royals, Valentine's Day, St. Patty's, Christmas, and Breast Cancer Awareness month

Kansas City Power and Light Building

1330 Baltimore Ave KCMO
Built: 1930
Floors:  34 / 481 ft
Hoit, Price, and Barnes

A twin tower was in the original plan to be built on the westside of this building, due to the Great Depression it was never constructed.

Liberty Memorial

100 W. 26th St KCMO
Built: 1926 WWI Memorial
264 ft
Harold Van Duren Magonigle 

Home of the National World War I Museum, designated by Congress in 2004

People in attendance of the groundbreaking included:
President Calvin Coolidge
Lieutenant General Baron Jacques (Belgium)
Admiral Earl Beatty (Great Britain)
General Armando Diaz (Italy)
Marshal Ferdinand Foch (France)
General John Pershing (US)

Designed in the classical Egyptian Revival style, the grand stairway are finished in travertine imported from Italy

Fidelity National Bank & Trust Building

909 Walnut KCMO
Built: 1932
470 ft
Hoit, Price and Barnes

Tallest residential building outside Chicago in the midwest

Designed in Art Deco-Gothic Revival

1946 US government acquired it after liquidation in 1933 under Harry S Truman

The "town clock" inside started keeping time in 1885, the clock was sold in 2000.

After Sept. 11, 2001 the building was renamed from 911 Walnut to 909 Walnut

Bartle Hall Pylons

13th & Broadway KCMO
Built: 1994
360 ft
BNIM Architects

Called "Sky Stations"

Designed by R M Fischer 1994

Made of aluminium and steel

1930's Art Deco elements

Union Station

30 West Pershing Road KCMO
Built: 1901
Architect: Jarvis Hunt

Peak Annual passengers over 670,000 in 1945

Closed in 1985, restored in 1999 and reopended to Amtrak in 2002

Site of the "Kansas City Massacre" 1933 four FBI agents and Frank Nash were killed while gangsters attempted to free Nash.  He was known as the most successful bank robber in US history.  "Pretty Boy" Floyd, Adam Richetti, and Verne Miller were suspects in the case.  After the "massacre" Congress passed legislation to allow FBI agents to be armed and gave them the power to make arrests.  Bullet holes are still visible on the outside of the building today.

Cinque Terre, Italy

Portion of the coast on the Italian Riviera

"The Five Lands" is composed of 5 villages

Cars cannot access the villages from the outside areas

A walking trail called the "Sentiero Azzurro" connects all five villages

The village in the painting is known as "Vernazza"

Train Station in Liberal, KS

"Liberal Locomotion"

Union Pacific Railroad owns most of the tracks in the Midwest/West and own what was Missouri Pacific, Chicago and North Western, Western Pacific, Missouri-Kansas-Texas, and the Southern Pacific.

"Pacific Railroad Act of 1862" approved by Abraham Lincoln provided tracks from the muddy Missouri to the Pacific as a war measure.

Last passenger train by UP was in 1971 now ran by Amtrak

​Pony Express 1926 - 1954 ran from KC to LA

Coronado Museum

567 E Cedar
Liberal, KS

S S Rogers built the first house in 1872

Rogers was known to give travelers water.  Which was responded with, "That is very liberal of you."  Making the founding name of the city. 

Windwheels date back to the 1st century AD and were the earliest known machines using wind-driven power.

Windmills use the "sails" to convert the energy of wind into the rotational energy to power a machine.  

Windpumps are what you commonly see in the United States on farms and ranches.

Windpumps were invented in 1854 by Daniel Halladay.

1930 their usage was at the highest.  About 600,000 units in use, later made from steel replacing the wood. 
Inside Union Station

The Union Station replaced the Union Depot which was opened in 1878 located in the westbottoms of KC.

The Grand Hall clock has a 6' diameter face.

The KC Ballet is located inside the Powerhouse building and will be known as the Todd Bolender Center for Dance and Creativity.

Todd Bolender led the KC Ballet from 1980 to 1995.  He was a dancer from 1936 - 1972 last preforming in the New York City Ballet's Stravinsky Festival.
Downtown Kansas City

KC's population is over 2 million including the popluation from the state of Kansas and Missouri.  

Founded in 1838 as the "Town of Kansas"

Known as the "City of Fountains", Rome is the only city that holds more fountains worldwide.

KC was important in America's westward expansion homing the Santa Fe, California, and Oregon trails.

Selected by Forbes Magazine as one of 2012's best America's downtowns judged by it's culture in arts, beauty, shopping, and BBQ  

Snow Dogs

There is an estimated 77.5 million dog owners in the United States

Smallest known dog was a Yorkshire Terrier 
weighed 4 oz. 

Largest known was a English Mastiff weighed 343 lbs.

Tallest known was a Great Dane stood 42" at the shoulders

Study in Hungary found that dogs are able to know how large another dog is by hearing its growl.  

Queen of Hearts

There are 52 cards in a deck of playing cards representing each week of the calendar year

​There are 4 suits representing each season in a year

There are 13 cards per suit representing the 13 lunar months of a year

Marilyn Monroe was born in 1926

She was born as Norma Jeane Mortenson

She was featured on the first issue of Playboy Dec. 1953

Scout / Western Auto Sign

Created by Cyrus E. Dallin

Sioux Indian surveying downtown Kansas City

$15,000 was raised from the Kids of Kansas City campaign to purchase the statue

Half-sized replica was given by Kansas City to Seville, Spain in 1992

Western Auto Building houses the sign above its roof in Kansas City

Building was built and known as the Coca-Cola Building until they moved out in 1914


Roasterie Downtown Sky

Danny O'Neill started The Roasterie in the basement of his home in 1993

1943 Douglas DC-3 airplane was added to the building in 2012

First flight was in 1935

American Airlines inaugurated passenger service with the DC-3 in 1936

607 DC-3's produced from 1936 - 1942; 1950

Country Club Plaza

First in the world to have shoppers arrive by automobile.  Most of its parking is hidden underneath or on building rooftops.

Designed after Seville, Spain in 1922

Jack Henry Clothing has been on the Plaza since 1931

First Plaza lighting was in 1930

1985 Brad Millison wrote a song based on the Christmas lighting called "Christmas in Kansas City"

Gateway West

Gateway Arch opened June 10, 1967

Arch sits on the west bank of the Mississippi 

630ft Tall, tallest memorial and stainless steel monument in the world

At least 10 pilots have disobeyed the FAA order to not fly through the arch since 1966

Cold temps cause the arch to shrink 
The Dude

The character of Maude was based on artist Carolee Schneemann

The Big Lebowski was premiered 1998 at the Sundance Film Festival

Lebowski Fest began in Louisville, KY

Dudeism is an online religion devoted to the lifestyle and philosophy of the Dude.  

The Dude was inspired by Jeff Dowd, a film producer and political activist.

Bunny La Joya

The Dude Abides.

Plaza Lights

On display and open for bidding from Nov. 21 - Dec 5th at Mission Farms

Sale of the piece to benefit the Variety Children's Charity of Greater Kansas City, impoving the lives and mobility of physical and mentally challenged children.

106th and Mission Road Leawood, KS 66206

Nick Hexum
Doug SA Martinez
Aaron P-Nut Wills
Tim Mahoney
Chad Sexton

From Omaha, NE

Formed in 1989

A few members were in the bands Fish Hippos or Unity

Newest Album being released 3/11/14

They are the best.

Tower Tavern

Tower Tavern located at 401 E 31st KCMO

Opened Jan. 19, 2007

Tower Tavern near the KCTV's 1,042 feet transmitter tower on Union Hill in Kansas City's Midtown

From the 1970s to 2001, KCTV flashed the lights on the tower to signal inclement weather affecting Kansas City

The lights have not flashed as they did since September 11, 2001, when the lights were colored red, white, and blue. Then the lights were changed back to all white in 2006

Tower Tavern is known for its Barrel Rolls and good times


Firefighter Fountain

Located on the south end of Penn Valley Park, 31st and Broadway KCMO

Memorial fountain to recognize the firefighters that gave their lives in the line of duty

Installed 1991

Community funding for the fountain began after the 1988 explosion that took 6 lives

Artist of the design: Tom Corbin

Owned by KC Park and Rec

Kauffman Center

16th and Broadway

Opened 2011

Home of the Kansas City Symphony, Lyric Opera of Kansas City, and the Kansas City Ballet

Architect: Moshe Safdie

Moshe first sketched the idea of the Kauffman Center on a napkin while dining in Kansas City with Julia Kauffman 

Dripping Kansas City Skyline

Downtown KC population was as low as 5,000 in 2005

Current population plus 22,500

The Downtown Loop encompasses Quality Hill, the Central Business District, the Entertainment District, and the Government District 
Miami Skyline

can't feel a drip on the strip, it's a trip